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"My car got hit while it was parked and the person who hit it did not leave a note and unfortunately I only had liability insurance.

From day one Pristine Auto treated me very well and was given a water every time I visited. Araik gave me a great estimate when I advised I would be paying cash. "

Kayla P.
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"I only yelp if it's real good or real bad so I HAD to yelp Pristine Auto because they are awesome!

Initially, walking in I was a little hesitant because the place is clean ( hard wood floors, nice leather couch) and there were several fancy cars parked and being worked on. I thought, surely this place is going charge me more than the promised 17.99 oil change. I was greeted by an incredibly friendly Archie, that handed me a bottle of water with the Pristine logo on it. He took my keys and got started right away on my car. He said it would be 15 mins!!! I told him I was going to run to the post office and he said, "Oh! But ur tea is almost done" Jaw hit the floor. Wasn't used to this sort of treatment from a mechanic. I returned to a washed car and paid the promised 17.99 + tax.

Even though you can tell by my car that I'm not a millionaire, it felt so good to be treated like one! Highly recommend.

Note: I would call ahead to make an appointment, that way you can get in and out." - Karina B., West Hollywood, CA

"I am proud that my first review for Yelp is for these guys. I cannot speak highly enough about Archie and the whole gang at Pristine Auto.

I took my car in for repairs after getting hit by 2 cars in a traffic accident. My '07 ended up coming out looking like a brand new '11. I was floored by the quality of the work and the attention to detail.

While their work speaks for itself, I really need to point out what I found to be the finest attribute to the folks at Pristine: The customer service. The attention and treatment I received from them was second to none. I have been in Los Angeles for 4 years and I have never encountered a business as welcoming and accommodating as Pristine. From the detailed and frequent status updates from Archie himself to the friendly reception staff always with a cold bottle of water in hand for you. These people are great.

I stumbled on to Pristine completely by accident and I have to say that it was the best chance encounter I have ever had. If you have major or minor repairs or just need routine maintenance, take your vehicle to these guys. You will not regret it." - Art H., Los Angeles, CA

"Sadly enough (b/c of my accidents - yeah - give it to me... all the Asian female driving jokes), I've gotten to know Aram and the guys at Pristine Auto pretty well. I was referred to them by a good friend of mine and have been going there for close to 7 years now. Because I don't know too much about cars, I am always cautious about going to places that are trustworthy and do good work. They are just that. When a motorcycle lodged into the back of my Lexus, I thought my car was done for sure. Not to sound cheesy, but Aram and team repaired EVERYTHING to original look. It was pretty amazing.

Now that I know that they do oil changes and tune ups and etc... I will no longer be going to Lexus dealership. They are much more precise, affordable and very transparent as to what they are doing (Thanks Jose).

They recently moved to a much bigger location and if you stop by, Aram or Archie may make you a delicious Turkish press coffee or you may see a photo shoot with one of their vintage cars.

I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE FOR ANYTHING FOR YOUR CAR. Spread the word as this place is a gem.- Kimberly Y., Los Angeles, CA

I found Pristine Auto using Yelp so it's only fair that I reciprocate the effort of others and rate Pristine myself.

In one word, the shop is extraordinary.

The service at Pristine is incredibly thorough, yet the prices seem low relative to other mechanics. You never get the sense that the staff at Pristine is out to get every penny you have. While fixing my car the found another issue that was not covered by the quote. Instead of charging me the extra $200 -- which I would have paid gladly anyway -- they performed the additional work absolutely free of charge. Not only that, they cleaned my car inside and out leaving it looking and feeling brand new.

The people here are extra friendly and the service is exceptional. I would highly recommend Pristine to anyone living in the West LA area. - Stephanie K., Brighton, MA

Jose is the man. I'm a comic in LA (pity me), and a fellow comic sang the praises of Jose and Pristine Auto a few months back.

Back in August or September, I had a craving for Chili's, so I ventured to Inglewood. Oops. Got a drill bit in my tire for my trouble. So I brought the tire to Pristine and asked if they could patch it. For the first time ever in my life, Jose said "Yep, piece of cake."

Every other time I've brought a tire in, the dude sells me a new one. Which, of course, means two new ones. Every other time. I told him I had my 75000 mile maintenance coming up. He stated that the dealership would charge me $400-$500 (and I knew he was right, that's exactly what they charged at 45k and 60k maintenance visits), he would do a 20-something point inspection for $129.99 and then he'd give me a list of stuff I COULD do and a list of stuff I SHOULD do, if anything. This immediately made me feel like I was in the right place. I asked him how much for the tire, he said "we'll talk about it when you come back in for the maintenance." I slipped him a $20 and returned this past weekend to do the long awaited 75k mile maintenance.

Brought it in bright and early on a Saturday morning, went to a nearby sit-down place and before I could finish my breakfast, they had completed the inspection, changed my oil and a couple filters, rotated and tested my tires... everything. And he presented me with no lists, everything was in good working order. The bill was exactly as he'd stated $129,95 + tax...

It's very refreshing when people do what they say they will, especially in a field where fleecing goes on regularly. Let's face it, it does.

These are good people and do good work. Any problems I have with my vehicle I will go straight back there.

Best quote I heard at the place... in response to my asking whether or not they do body work "We do everything here, except MAKE cars. Everything else... we do." - Luke H. , Los Angeles, CA

"This is my first time writing a review on any site, but the service I received at Pristine Auto compelled me to finally write one. So here it goes...

I took my car in after reading about the business on Yelp and seeing the five-star reviews they were receiving. Being both an auto shop and in LA, this was a rarity. My car's check engine light had gone on earlier that day and I didn't want to risk it by driving too much on it.

When I got there, it took Jose about 10 mins to get back to me with a diagnosis and he took the time to explain to me everything that the part which was malfunctioning did. They even called the dealership to check to see if they wouldn't fix the car under warranty for free. Pretty impressive stuff.

When my car wasn't covered under warranty, Jose called me and explained the situation, by which time I was all but happy to have my car in the hands of Pristine Auto. They treated me incredibly well and drove me to and from work to pick up my car that day. I even received a free car wash.

I couldn't recommend Pristine Auto more and I will be taking my car there from now on and telling friends to do so as well." - Jesse J., Los Angeles, CA