5 Simple Ways to get Your Car Ready for Winter

car maintenance

It is that time of year again when the cold takes over, and you need to take repercussions to keep yourself from freezing. Well, the same goes for your car. Maintenance for your car completely changes when the temperature starts falling, and you can feel the rigid bite of the winter wind. If you have a car and want to maintain its durability, you need to follow some rules. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five simple ways to get your car ready for winter.

Replace your windshield wiper blades

This is one of the most significant steps to follow that will ensure your safety since you need to see the road in front of you when you’re driving. In case there is some kind of precipitation, you need to be sure your windshield wipers won’t fail you. On average, they need to be replaced once a year. So, since you mainly use your windshield wipers around winter, it is a good idea to have them changed before the season of downfall starts.

Get the right antifreeze mixture

Along with getting your windshield wiper blades changed, you need to make sure that the antifreeze mixture you use will do its job. There needs to be a 50-50 mixture of antifreeze (coolant) and water in your radiator. This will make sure that the mixture won’t freeze even at extremely cold temperatures.

Switch to snow tires

One of the main features of a car are – surprise – the wheels. Unless you live somewhere like Florida where it rarely snows, you need to keep your car and yourself safe. To do that, you need to switch to snow tires. It will improve traction and make it easier for you to maneuver your way through hills and drive on icy roads. Your regular tires don’t have the thread rubber and patterns that enable your car to grip the road better and pose a risk when driving in snowy weather.

Check your tire pressure

In the winter, your tire pressure will drop due to the cold weather. With low tire pressure, the traction will be put at risk when dealing with wet or icy roads. So, you should have your tire pressure checked to ensure your safety when you’re on the road.

Get an oil change

Lastly, as well as the tire pressure, the decreasing temperatures also affect the thickness of the oil in your car. If the oil is too thick, it won’t do its job as well as it could. So, to prepare for the winter, you should get an oil change and use the kind of oil that is suitable for cold weather.

Overall, getting ready for the winter is an extremely important thing you have to take care of. Since the weather will put pressure on different components of your car, you should complete this checklist to make sure you are always safe on those now dangerous roads.


5 Types of Damage to look for After an Auto Collision

Auto Collision

As you can imagine, cars are the most used means of transportation. So, chances are that even once in your lifetime you’ll be in a car accident either as a driver or a passenger. In cases like this, the first thing to do after making sure all the passengers are fine is to check the damages done to the car that might serve as warning signs. In severe cases, this might save your life, however, in most cases, it is done to prevent further problems from arising. Read on to find out the five types of damages to look for if you’ve been in a car accident.

Front bumper damage

Since one of the most common types of auto collisions are rear-end accidents, the front bumper of the car is the first to go. The purpose of the bumper is to protect the rest of the front of your car, so if the damage is severe, there might be internal problems that aren’t visible at first sight.

Broken headlights

Aside from some scratches and overall damage to the body of your car, you should pay attention to one of the most vital parts of your car: the headlights. Because the headlights cover the front edges of the car, they are more subject to damage in a collision than other parts of your car. Since you need your headlights to actually see the road in front of you, damaged headlights may stop you from being able to drive your car.

Alignment issues

After a rear-end collision, you might notice changes in the way your car drives. These changes might include wobbliness, vibration, or pulling to one side which are signs of alignment issues. This may cause additional stress and premature wear to other parts of your car such as the breaks, suspension, or tires. Not only that, but alignment issues are a safety hazard, so you should have your car inspected in order to avoid further complications.

Transmission issues

The main purpose of transmissions is to control the amount of power that is transmitted from your engine to your wheels. Warning signs of transmission issues include leaking transmission fluid, or difficulty shifting. After an auto collision, you should have the transmissions of your car inspected to protect yourself from any future issues.

Trunk problems

Lastly, if the damage done to your car is around your trunk, do not trust the visibility of the damage since internal damage is also an option. Get your trunk checked out to avoid further complications such as your trunk flinging open on the highway which will not only block your view but also put the contents of your trunk under danger.

If you’ve been in an accident, be cautious of these five damages. Even though they might not be visible at first sight, have these issues checked to be on the safe side and ensure yourself from future complications.

Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips to extend the Life of Your Car

car maintenance

As with anything in life, when you get a vehicle that magically takes you from place to place and makes you slightly believe that teleportation can one day be real, you have to take care of that vehicle. Read on to find out what you can do, along with what needs to be checked by specialists for proper maintenance of your precious vehicle.

What specialists take care of


1. Changing the oil

Driving your car more than the suggested amount without changing the oil can damage your engine. Frequently changing the oil of your car will make sure that it serves you as long as it can.

2. Checking the brakes

Checking the brakes every so often will ensure the security of your driving experience. Additionally, maintaining an efficient brake system will prolong the useful life of your car.

3. Changing the spark plugs

The spark plugs are what actually get the engine going by creating combustion. So, change the spark plugs of your car every 30,000 miles or so to ensure the safety and durability of your vehicle.

4. Checking the air filter

To make sure that dirt or harmful debris don’t get into your engine, take your car to a specialist to change the air filters. As you can imagine, it will keep your car from aging too fast.

5. Get the tires rotated

The front and rear tires of your car do not wear out at the same speed. So getting them rotated every once in a while can make sure that you use them efficiently and save yourself from prematurely spending money on new tires.

If you are thinking of getting any of the above mechanic services is in Los Angeles, check us out at Los Angeles Mechanic.

DIY tricks


6. Windshield maintenance

It is recommended that you change your windshield wipers every year. This will protect the healthiness of your car, as well as ensure your comfort.

7. Protect from the sun

The paint of your car might be vulnerable if you leave it out in the sun for long periods of time. A great solution is to protect your vehicle with a cover and make sure the paint lasts as long as you want.

8. Check tire pressure

Use a special gauge to make sure the pressure of your tires is at a desirable level. Your tires will wear out less if you check this every other week.

9. Keep your keychain light

Get rid of all the other keys or toys hanging from your ignition key since the weight can damage the tumblers which might cause ignition switch failure.

10. Use washer liquid only

Filling the windshield washer reservoir with anything other than washer liquid will wash the windshields worse, plus it will damage the engine of your car.

Overall, taking care of your car is of utmost importance if you want it to last as long as possible. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can be sure to get the most out of the money you spent getting the car.

The Complete Guide to DIY Car Washing

washing a car

Now that it’s summer, you no longer have to put off washing your car because of the fear that the rain will ruin all your hard work and be a waste of money. Instead of taking your car to a car wash where the big, rough brushes might harm your car, you can go outside and do the dirty work yourself. If you don’t have the equipment to wash your precious car at home, the next best option is to drive to the nearest DIY car wash where you’ll be supplied with soap and water. However, if you wish to get some insight on how to master the art of taking care of your car, read on and find out the best tricks that will make your car shine on the highway.

Step 1: Rinse

In order to prepare your car and get started with washing it, you first need to rinse it with water to remove any dust, dirt, or big pieces of mud. Remember that, ideally, the temperature of the water must be warm; not too hot and not too cold. Warm water is the safest and most effective option for washing the exterior of your car.

Step 2: Actually wash the car

To prepare for the second step, fill a clean bucket with warm water and add car washing soap which can be found in any supermarket. Be careful not to use any detergent or soap containing chemicals that might damage the paint of your car. Apply the soapy water to the surface of the car starting with the roof, followed by the hood, then the trunk. Use a cloth or, if you want to be extra cautious, use special car wash mitts instead of rough sponges, to avoid accidental scratches. To complete the second step, rinse the car again to wash off the soap.

Step 3: Wax

In case your car is going to be in direct sunlight for a long period of time, it is a wise choice to apply wax with a microfiber cloth. The wax is not only going to protect the paint the paint from fading away or getting damaged but will also give a perfect shine to the surface of your car and make it look the best it can.

Step 4: Don’t forget about the windows and wheels

The last step is concentrated on little details that will help you achieve perfection. Since the wheels and windows are not made of the same materials as the rest of the car, you need to use a different approach to clean them. To wash the wheels of your car, either use a specific product that is designed for the type of wheels you have or go safe and use a regular aluminum wheel cleaner which is acid-free and won’t damage them. Lastly, wipe the windows of your car with a spray that is meant specifically for cars and won’t damage tinted windows.

Seeing your clean car shining in the driveway will bring you satisfaction and joy. If you wish to save on having your car washed every other week, follow these steps and do it yourself in less than an hour.


How Often Should You Wash, Wax and Detail Your Car?

As a car owner you should be aware that following a proper car care regimen will help you maintain your vehicle in a good condition for many years. Let´s start with the most basic tip which is washing. How often should you wash your car?

You have probably already asked yourself this question. The answer totally depends on how often you use it and the weather. Sometimes it’s obvious when your vehicle needs a wash, for example, such as after a long day of driving, especially in a hot or nasty weather. Following the general rule of thumb, it is recommended to wash your car every two weeks. Obviously, there are special circumstances that might increase or decrease that frequency as previously mentioned.

Your car’s exterior is exposed to the sun rays, rain, snow, salt, bird droppings and there might be more enemies. Waxing will help you keep it clean and maintain a good look. How often should you wax your car? Generally speaking, it’s recommended to wax a car four times per year which is once in every three months.

James Carter, owner of highly rated Paradise Mobile Detail in Las Vegas, agrees that a vehicle should be waxed every three months, or a minimum of twice a year.
“We recommend once in the spring just before summer and in the fall just before winter,” he says, because wax helps protect cars from harmful UV rays in warm weather and protects them from harsh elements in cold weather.

How often should you detail your car?
Most experts recommend a new detail every four to six months, which is 2-3 times a year. However, you might want to perform this procedure more frequently, depending on your vehicle type and your needs.

Pristine Auto can help you with car detailing. We offer exterior and interior detailing as well as engine cleaning.

Exterior Detailing  If you need an exterior detailing, we’re here to help. Our exterior car detail includes tar removal, chrome trim, windows, wheels and tires.

Interior Detailing – At Pristine Automotive, we perform extensive detail of the dash area, panels, windows, seats, carpet vacuuming and steam cleaning.

Engine Cleaning – Finally, make sure not to skip engine cleaning procedure. Our engine detail includes degreasing under the hood of the car.

We offer exceptional car care, car maintenance and car repair services. Bring your car to our autobody shop and forget about all your car problems.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

Is your car ready for summer? Hot weather might be challenging for your vehicle´s performance and you need to take a diligent care of its coolant and air conditioning systems, tires as well as check all the essential fluids and more.

Where do we start when it comes to your car´s summer maintenance?

Coolant system. Check your vehicle´s coolant system, inspect the hoses and coolant reservoir and make sure that there are no leaks or any other issues.

Wipers. Are your wipers worn? If so it´s time to change them. Summer does not mean that rainy weather is over and if your wipers are worn, they might create streaks on the windshields. What can be more important than vision when driving? So keep your windshields maximum clean.

Engine belts should be part of your checklist. Planning long-distance summer trips? Have you checked your engine belts? Are they in a good condition? When engine belts become loose or deteriorate it´s time to replace them with the new ones.

Check all the fluids that need to be checked. Contact a trustworthy mechanic to check your vehicle´s oil, brake, power-steering and windshield-washer fluids. It´s not as easy task as it sounds and it´s better to find the right auto body shop with qualified staff. At Pristine Automotive we can take care of this and guarantee you a 100 per cent of satisfaction. Find all the information about Pristine´ auto services here.

Air-conditioning system. Especially in summer, you can´t skip checking your air conditioning system. Make sure it works well.

Tires. As always, don´t neglect checking tires. Especially their pressure needs to be checked regularly in hot summer weather. Also, your tires should be in good condition without any cracks or else.

Wash your car. You might need to wash your car once or twice a month, however this totally depends on a location, weather, the distance you drive and more. Just make sure you wash it whenever your vehicle needs it. Also, park in a shadow to protect your car from direct sunrays as they damage carpaint.

Hope this post was helpful and take a good care of your vehicle!

Helpful Tips to Choose the Right Auto Body Shop


Choosing the right auto body shop can save you a lot of time and money.
As a vehicle owner, chances that you might need the services of a collision repair and/or refinishing facility are higher than you might think. How to choose the right auto body shop to avoid a frustrating experience?

We recommend you following the below tips.

Auto body repair estimate. Ask for the estimate, look for the shop’s business license and ask about the auto body shop’s warranty for its work. Preferably look for a shop that provides a warranty for at least one year both on the parts and the work.

Transparency and communication. Pay attention to how transparent they are. Make sure you can see their work online or you might want to drop into a physical shop. Also, when you get in touch with them, do they answer all your questions? Did you get all the required information that you were looking for? Is it easy to communicate with them?

Word of mouth. Word of mouth always works. If people who you trust give you a positive feedback about auto services they chose, chances that you follow their advice/recommendation are quite high. Look for the recommendations.

Testimonials. Do some research on the internet, check testimonials and ratings. At Pristine Automotive we provide our customers with high-quality work and guarantee customer satisfaction. We are proud of our first-class quality auto repair service and so are our clients.  Our customer testimonials prove it.

Equipment. Your auto body shop needs to have the proper equipment to accomplish a high-standard and effective work. Check out the services section of the website with all the descriptions.

Staff. Also, have a look at the about us and team pages and make sure that the staff is high-qualified. At Pristine Auto we employ mechanics who’re experts in all facets of general and comprehensive automotive repair; automotive care and vehicle maintenance.

Should you need a reliable auto body shop in in West Hollywood, Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and all Greater Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At Pristine Automotive, we operate on “customer for life” policy.

Find a body shop that can repair that dent or repaint your car the right way.

Get Your Car Spring Ready

spring-car-careIs your vehicle ready for spring arrival? As a car owner, you should be aware how important it is to prepare you car for every season. In spring the weather gets warmer, however it’s common to have rainy days.  What is the car care checklist for spring?

Check them below and some of them need to be performed not only in spring but regularly.

Replace windshield wiper blades. Even if you have not used windshield wipers much in winter, it’s recommended to get them replaced before rainy showers start. Also check that all your interior and exterior lighting works well to make sure you see everything clearly when driving.

Replace plugs and batteries. As the weather gets warmer, plugs and batteries can be depleted faster. Replace the old ones with the new ones before you hit the road.

Check the brake system: Is your battery connection clean, tight and corrosion-free? Don’t forget to have it checked.

Don’t ignore washing and waxing your car. When it comes to your car’s exterior, make sure you wax it properly. Spring is an excellent time to do it as waxing not only protects the finish but also makes subsequent washing easier. Obviously, wash it as well to keep your vehicle clean.

Perform the following checklist. Check the tire pressure, filters and fluids, including power steering and brake, transmission and engine oil, as well as windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.

We’d recommend you having your car inspected by a professional autobody shop to make sure everything is done properly.

At Pristine Automotive, we’d be more than happy to help you if you’re based in West Hollywood, Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and/or in any part of Greater Los Angeles. We provide complete and excellent auto services.

Bring in your car for a fantastic customer-oriented service and become our next satisfied customer.

Why Regular Car Maintenance is Important

regular-car-maintenanceIf you want your vehicle to serve you for many years, you should perform a regular car maintenance.  However, there are more reasons why every car owner should put on its agenda car maintenance and consider following it.

Safety: The most important reason obviously is the safety. Anything that can lead to an engine brake such as worn windshield wipers and tires, dirty headlights, faulty brakes or else should be fixed. Eventually, when you are on the road, you should be concerned not only about your safety but also the safety of others.

Performance & Reliability: Your vehicle’s performance should be a number one priority for you and you don’t need to worry about it when regular car maintenance is being done. At Pristine Automotive we offer mechanical and auto maintenance services that include oil change, brakes, tires, major engine repairs, transmission (auto or manual), radiator, A/C, suspension, electrical, computer diagnostics, alignment, smog check, clutch, exhaust.

We are a complete top-quality auto mechanic shop to diagnose, repair, service, and maintain your car near Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. We make sure you get a quality servicing and can rely on your vehicle’s performance.

Environment: Think about the environment.  We all know that vehicles emit dangerous fumes such as carbon dioxide and automotive fluids. Maintaining a vehicle won’t stop this, however won’t make it get worse.

Fresh look: If you want your car to have a fresh look, take care of it. It’s as simple. Faded paint, bubbling tint, rusty spots and dents make your car look old.

Cost-effectiveness & easy to sell: If you invest in regular car maintenance checkups, you will avoid costly repairs as you permanently take care of your car. Besides, a vehicle that is in a good condition is easier to sell.

Now you have many reasons why to consider car maintenance seriously. Feel free to contact Pristine Automotive for all your car care and car repair needs. We will be happy to provide you with exceptional auto services.

How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

auto-interior-cleaningWhen it comes to vehicle’s care, both interior and exterior detailing are important.
In this post, you’ll learn the main tips on how to clean your car’s interior.

Cleaning interior totally differs from its exterior, it’s harder and requires more time and efforts. If you are going to take care of the interior cleaning yourself, consider that you might need much time and be sure to equip yourself with a car vacuum cleaner with brush and crevice attachments, microfiber or paper towels, cotton swabs, plastic and vinyl cleaner, cloth and leather cleaner and more.

Brush off the dust and vacuum. Are you ready for a big work? It’s important to vacuum up the dust as you brush it off, so it doesn’t immediately settle somewhere else in the car.  You will need to vacuum your vehicle’s carpet, the seats, dash and the package shelf. Consider cleaning your car’s knobs and buttons.

Clean cloth seats and AC vents. Use cloth cleaner to clean cloth seats and a foam brush or paint brush to dust between the AC vents.

Get rid of animal hair. Do you have animals? Driving with your pet must be a fun experience. Though you should consider interior detailing on a regular basis. If you have animals, you can get rid of animal hair using a spray bottle of water and a squeegee.

Clean floor mats. What to do with dirty floor mats? Spray them with stain remover, then put them in the washing machine. You will enjoy the clean and fresh look of your floor mats when you’re inside your vehicle.

Clean seat cushions. Don’t reject to clean your seat cushions. All you need is a fine-bristled brush to get dirt and crumbs out from the seams of your seat cushions.

Shampoo the seats.  How do you shampooo your vehicle’s seats? Diluted all-purpose cleaner, a sponge or scrub brush, and washcloths will serve your purpose.

If you prefer to give this task to auto body shop professionals , at Pristine Automotive we are offering you full car detail. We perform exterior and interior detailing as well as engine cleaning.

In my next post I´ll be speaking about car’s exterior detailing. Subscribe to our blog and be the first to get the news.