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Quality Auto Detailing in Greater Los Angeles

Car Detailing in West Hollywood

Whenever it comes to purchasing anything automotive, people tend to be a bit picky with who they have their work done by. A lot of people have encountered several unpleasant experiences purchasing automotive work before they actually find someone they trust and are willing to continually go back to. One of our missions here at Pristine Automotive is not just to complete your work to the best of our abilities, but to engage with our cliental one-on-one to ensure that they’re 100% satisfied with the service they’re receiving. People are often not as educated with vehicles, and have a lot of questions. We’re always willing to communicate and keep you informed with all of the details regarding your work.
Car Detailing In Beverly Hills

One of our most favorable services that we provide is car detailing. We offer interior and exterior detailing, along with engine cleaning. Our exterior detailing includes tar removal, chrome trim, tires, and wheels. Our interior detailing includes the dash area, seats, panels, windows, steam cleaning, and vacuuming. Lastly, our engine cleaning will include a full degreasing under the hood. Regardless of what we may specifically offer, we’ll be able to accomplish whatever it is you may need done. These are some of the more commonly requested detailing projects, but if there’s something specific you’re going to need us to do, we will.

We have a hard working team that’s extremely efficient and willing to help you accomplish whatever it is you may need done to your vehicle. For the service and quality we provide, the prices don’t get any cheaper. We guarantee excellent customer service, and the most professional detailing available around town.

West Hollywood Car Detailing

We’re not about getting in, getting done, and then sending you on your way. Car detailing is something we actually enjoy doing, and have tons of experience in. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with detailing in West Hollywood, we ensure you that won’t be the case with us. The only way your car is allowed to leave the lot is if it’s spick-and-span.


If you’re looking for the best car detailing in West Hollywood, definitely bring your vehicle out to our shop and we’ll get to it as soon as possible. We’re friendly, personable, detailed with our work, and prioritize a pleasant experience with our customers at all times. Keeping your car clean is important. If it needs some touching up on, bring it to us and we’ll get to detailing it right way. I feel confident that after you give us a try with detailing your vehicle, you’ll be returning to us every time you need it done again in the future. Pristine Automative is where you should be getting your car detailing done today!

The Best Local Car Detailing