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New Year’s Eve: 7 Tips for Safe Driving

New Year is coming up, and you know what that means. Every other person is going to be drinking their worries away on that special evening. Not to mention, it is a time to get out of the house and celebrate. So, with drunk people flooding the streets, there are certain actions you should take to keep yourself safe. If you are going to be driving on New Year’s Eve, read on to find out about the 7 rules you should follow to get home safe and sound.

Don’t drink and drive

This one is the most obvious advice, and the rule applies to all days in the year, but on this day especially, you should refrain from getting in front of the wheel while under the influence. Not only are your capabilities limited, but there will be others who drink and drive which is a hazard for you as well.

Stay alert

Keeping in mind that there will still be people who drink and drive, you always have to be attentive. Not only are you going to have to drive for yourself, but also for those around you.

Get your tires checked

Just as a precaution, you should get your tires checked before the big night. Tire pressure goes down in cold weather, so, getting them adjusted is a great way to start the new year.

Get your brakes checked

The brakes are obviously one of the most important functions of a car, and you should make sure they function properly before you drive into the craziness of New Year’s Eve.

Beware of pedestrians

As opposed to the occasional drunk driver, drunk pedestrians will be very common on New Year’s Eve. To stay away from trouble, be extra cautious when driving on narrow streets where people can appear as if out of nowhere. Additionally, driving slower than usual will give you more control in case of such an incident.

Don’t text and drive

Another obvious tip is to stay away from your phone as it is one of the biggest distractions. If it causes many accidents on any ordinary day, imagine the danger it has on New Year’s Eve.

Avoid distractions

As with all the other tips, this one should be taken into account anytime you are driving. Don’t blast the music too loud since you might not see a car coming and don’t hear the sound of its horn. If you are giving a ride to your drunk and overly excited friends, try to focus your attention only on the road ahead of you and not get distracted.

Overall, New Year’s Eve is a day to have fun and celebrate with your loved ones. If you are planning to drive in the chaos of New Year’s, follow these seven tips and thank us later after you safely get home.