Window Tinting in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood

Tinted windows are one of the most popular upgrades car owners desire. Pristine Automotive will refer you to a professional window tinting shop in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood delivering quality outcomes and complete satisfaction.

Why window tinting? Window tinting deflects sun's heat and blocks 99.9% of the damaging UV ray that in time fades car's upholstery. It also reduces glare for the passengers and the driver. Also, in case the glass shatters in a collision, window tinting will help hold the shattered glass in place.

Window Tinting is legal in California. The law clearly states that tinting of the rear side and back windows is allowed as dark as desired, as long as there is a side mirror on both sides of the car (which most of the cars have.) However, the front windows can only be tinted with 70% of light transmission film.